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Roofing Repair Review Santa Fe (505) 730-3814

Roofing Repair Review Santa Fe (505) 730-3814

Roofing Repair Review Santa Fe  (505) 730-3814

Affordable Roof Repair & Replacement in Santa Fe, can be found by reading reviews on the Company made by Happy Customers who have experienced the satisfaction of Excellent Customers Service . . . First Hand!
Like this Satisfied Customer:

” We called A Plus for an estimate to repair leak problems on our rental house roof and found them to be competitive, costwise, and their service exemplary ! I would not hesitate to use A Plus in the future.” ADEL G. 5 Stars ***** Merchant Circle

Not more Tar or Roof Cement ! Staying up with and Utilizing the newest proven products on the market is not easy but if your committed to delivering the Best Service on Roof Repair and Replacement in the Santa Fe, NM area only the Best Materials will do.

Call today at (505) 730-3814.and find out how much you can save on your next Repair or Re-Roof/Re-Coat Project.

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Best Window Cleaning Albuquerque

I found the Best Window Cleaning in Albuquerque.  They use a proprietary Glass Cleaning Product that outperforms anything  on the market.  You can reach them here (505) 388-4394. 

Best Window Cleaning Albuquerque (505) 388-4394

“At See Through Glass we provide reliable professional Glass Cleaning services at competitive prices for all your residential or commercial window cleaning needs. We have our own proprietary Environmentally Friendly Formula that outperforms even the most expensive products on the market. WE also Clean: Solar panels, hard water damage removal and prevention, mirrors, glass, tinted glass, skylights, lighting fixtures outdoor and indoor, ceiling fans, multiple/story buildings, cob web removal and dusting. WE have a process to clean entire window units without damaging any seal material especially wood. Also, if you have an unusual work schedule we can custom fit our services to your unique schedule. And Finally, Some may beat us on price but none can compete with my experience, Proprietary Product, and quality.”





Replaced my Flat Roof Review Santa Fe (505) 730 3814

Steve & Erin did their homework BEFORE replacing their TPO, T&G, Flat Roof and this is  Steve(Engineer/Teacher) & Erin’s  5 Star Testimonial Review.  They considered Doing it themselves . . .  Watch Video to find out what they decided !

“So really A Plus Sustainable Coatings has done a great job for us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to either the small business owner that needs a new roof for their business, for the structures in their business, or for the private homeowners who are looking for a highly effective option, less expansive option, that will provide them with long term coating that will work well on their roof.”
Gaco Silicone s2000 Roof Coating
Silicone Coating Free Estimate
Flat Roof Replacement Reviews Santa Fe

Best Roof Repair & Replacement Santa Fe, NM (505) 730-3814 …

Best Roof Repair & Replacement Santa FeNM (505) 730-3814

If you are sick and tired of  Paying for a Old methods of Roof Repair that wear out in 6 months to 2 years . . . Its time for a change.

Don’t overpay for inferior Roof Repair Call A Plus Sustainable Coatings for the Best Product Warranty in the business (50 Yrs).

Get Professional Service at an Affordable price and Peace of Mind that your leaks won’t reappear in less than a year.

Call (505) 730-3814

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Injury Lawyer Paw Paw~Aggressive

Injury Lawyer Paw Paw~Aggressive

“If you want Aggressive Representation Hire an Attorney that Means what he says and Says what he means.  My Name is Mark Manning I’ve been practicing law 30 years . . . We’re going to answer your questions and we’re going to answer them straight up.”
Get the representation that you deserve!
Mark Manning Attorney at Law
213 East Paw Paw Street Paw Paw, MI 49079‎
(269) 657-3191

Injury Lawyer Paw Paw~Aggressive



I have visited Micah’s Corrales Auto Repair and Coffee shop several times over the last few months and I have had a positive experience every time.  Weather having my Car serviced or getting a cup of coffee (last time I was there they gave me a Free Pastrie made by Chocolate Maven ~ it was excellent) I have been very pleased with the friendly service and fair prices.  If I were giving them a rating using  1-5 Stars I would give them  5 Stars for both! (Friendly Service and Fair Pricing)

Micah’s Is Sponsoring its first Annual Corrales Fall Harvest Festival and I would highly recommend bringing your family and friends to hang out  and Tailgate  (9am -2pm)and listen to Live Music with Me (Dave), and some really cool folks!

Micah’s Corrales Auto Repair & Coffee Shop 1st Annual Tail Gate Party @ Upcoming 2012 Corrales Harvest Festival & Pet Parade

Bring the Whole Family to Micah’s Corrales Auto Repair & Coffee Shop 1st Annual Tail Gate Party !  This Tailgate Barbque Family fun will be held during the Corrales Harvest Festival & Pet Parade on September 29, 2012,  Saturday 9am to 2pm. 

Live Music and Barbecue in the Heart of Corrales, NM 

Read More…

Zombie Survival Shotgun? Part 1

Trying to decide how to defend yourself from the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse (EOWAWKI) = End of World as we know it)  Outbreak? Check out Apache Survival Blog Below:

Ultimate Zombie Shotgun

The Art of Manliness ~ ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE:

How to Make a Survival Shotgun | The Art of Manliness

Is Your Business Video On Google Page One?  (Your competitors might be . . . if Not beat them to the punch!)


A+ Roofing Solutions Reviews ***** 5 Stars ~ Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, NM ~ Roof Repairs, Flat Roof, Metal, Foam, Shingles.  Call Today  (505) 818-9462

Excellent work and service

We callled A Plus Roofing Solutions for an estimate to repair leak problems on our rental house roof and found them to be competitive cost wise and their service exemplary! As you can imagine, dealing with this kind of repair from *afar to daunting. However, we were kept abreast of all progress and given full explanations and pictures as the job went along. I would not hesitate to use A Plus in the future if necessary. By Adele Gowdy on July 3, 2112 (Home: *Washington)

By adellamibella on July 03, 2012 at 01:37 PM

“Found on Angie’s list . . . Excellent review. ~ LocalHotPotReview

LocalHotPotReview Rated 5 stars. “Found on Angie’s list . . . Excellent review. Google Searched shows Best References in the area.”

Youtube Title: A+ Roofing Solutions Reviews

More A+ Roofing Albuquerque (505) 818-9462  Merchant Circle Reviews can be viewed here:

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Assault Clips: And other Sundry Items

Assault Clips: And other Sundry Items

Ah yes Its Election Season, and those of us who are gun owners know what that means!! Its time for   . . .  more


Assault Clip: Usually a High capacity/Standard Capacity Magazine for a Rifle Or Carbine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Commonly referred to as “Assault” because they resemble magazines used by military rifles.

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(AR 15 Headshot) !!!~One Round + Target Check

(AR 15 Headshot) !!!~One Round + Target Check

Check Out Our Blogger Page:


So during Our .308 Shoot we also had a AR15 that we weren’t expecting to need ammo for. We scrounged around on the range and found One Round laying out so thats all we had. This Was My first time Shooting An AR And Of Course I got me a sweet head shot.

People tend to have some pretty strong opinions when it comes to their choice of favorite Firearms. Weather your an AR 15, AK 74, M4, AKS 74U, TAR 21, FAMAS, or a Styer AUG, SA58 FN FAL, Sig 550 or some other rifle, only NASCAR & Politics  seems to bring out the level of passion we see among gun owners and their favorites.

To check out more of our favorites go to:

Rifle Specs from Video Above :
Plum Crazy Lower
DPMS Upper
Harris Bi-Pod
NC Star 3-16x 40mm Scope

10 Commandments Of Gun Safety:

1. Always Keep the Muzzle Pointed In a Safe Direction.
2. Firearms Should Be Unloaded when Not Actually In Use.
3. Don’t Rely On your Guns Safety.
4. Be Sure Of Your Target and whats Beyond It.
5. Use Proper Ammunition.
6. If Your Gun Fails To Fire When The Trigger Is Pulled, Handle with Care.
7. Always Wear Eye and Ear Protection When Shooting.
8. Be Sure the Barrel Is Clear Of Obstructions Before Shooting.
9. Don’t Alter Or Modify Your Gun; Have It Serviced Regularly
10. Learn the Mechanical and Handling Characteristics Of the Firearm you Are using.
AR-15 head shot!!!!~One Round ! – YouTube
Apr 19, 2012 – 2 min – Uploaded by ApacheSurvival
AR-15 head shot!!!!~One Round ! Check Out Our Blogger Page: http:// …

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