Posted by: dave | June 13, 2008

“Leaky Roofing can Kill!” . . . Says (Santa Fe Roofing Contractor) Matt Espinosa . . .

After examining a skylight leak in my parents roof (and

not wanting to risk my life to examine it further) I

spoke with a friend of mine in the Santa Fe

area who recommended I talk with Matt Espinosa

a local Professional Roofing Contractor.

Matt says “In over 20 years in the Roofing Business

here in New Mexico I have fallen, or almost fallen

through an older Roof at least eight times . . .

and I know what to look for!”

Matt says: “If you have an older roof (7 Years or older)

you should avoid walking on the roof as much as possible

because an older roof can become brittle (like the dashboard

of car with too much sun exposure). If the Leak is old enough (tell tale

signs of an older leak are significant staining and dry rot) it

it could create a very dangerous and even deadly situation.

“If at all possible avoid going up onto an older roof completely.

Simply call A Professional Roofing Company to come

to your home or business. They will examine your

roof and present you with a free estimate of the repairs.”

Its just not worth the risk and any reputable Roofing

Contractor will offer you a free estimate.” There is no

reason to risk your life for a leaky roof!”

Matt offers 5 safe ways to spot roof leaks

without risking your life going up on that old roof.

1. Inside Walls: Look for discoloration or bubbled paint.

2. Examine in and around pipes/plumbing especially where pipes

are penetrating the roof. Look for ceiling stains or

stains on the floor below the pipes as water will follow

your pipes into your home or business and create floor stains.

3. Check around Skylights for ceiling bubbles or ceiling discoloration.

4. AC or Swamp cooler pans can rot and cause water to leak in places

often you might not think to look. (inside a closet or around duct work etc.)

5. Don’t know where that leak is coming from? Try this if you have a

shingled roof. If your home is without gutters water can wrap around

the overhang and come in through the eaves. Check around the area

where the outside wall and ceiling meet.

During a storm if the wind is blowing in just the right

direction water can get up under those shingles

and cause the leak.

Got a Leaky Roof question for Matt?

You can reach him at either: Santa Fe 505 455 2667 or

in Albuquerque: 505 350 7717 or by email


More of Matt’s

(Santa Fe Roofing Contractor)

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